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  • Laneway Festival

    In an odd way, Laneway is the first true music festival I’ve been to. I went to Live 8 in Philly and various concerts, but not a festival in the Woodstock kind of way. And while Laneway wasn’t in a Woodstock kind of way, it kind of was. I organized this with my friend back […]

  • Palm Beach

    Palm Beach

    As my friend who came with me yesterday put it, yesterday couldn’t have been a more perfect day. It was the perfect mix of activity, relaxation and never the need to look at a watch. A perfect planned unplanned day; a rare occasion. As two American expats we started off the day playing tourist by […]

  • Treehouse, North Sydney

    This place is not that far from me and I’ve never actually been for anything other than the occasional tea with co-workers. So I went for lunch last week to meet up with my friend before she and her partner move out of Australia. It gave me major sadface, but I was excited to actually […]

  • Katoomba, Blue Mountains

    Katoomba, Blue Mountains

    I need to clean my apartment, so I figured I’d write something on here instead. Procrastination is smart that way, at least for the three people who read my blog. (And I know it’s only like three people because there’s this thing called Analytics and it’s kind of my job). Anyway. Two weeks ago or […]

  • Weekend Trip to Cronulla

    I’m one of those odd people that naturally wake up at about 7:30 or 8am, even on the weekends. So yesterday, because today is a public holiday and I had no plans with friends to explore something this weekend, I decided to take a run down to Cronulla. A few of my coworkers live down […]

  • Watson’s Bay

    This past weekend was rainy as well, but the weekend before I was able to take a break and head over to Watson’s Bay (in Sydney). It’s an easy ferry ride from Circular Quay – if you catch the fast ferry it’s about a half hour, with a stop in Rose Bay before Watson’s. I […]

  • Anzac Day and 2UP

    I have a post to go up about Terrigal, but I’m not quite sure how to tackle it for a variety of reasons. So instead I’ll ruminate on yesterday. Anzac Day. (Which for my out-of-country readers is basically Veteran’s Day). I wasn’t up to waking up at 4AM for a dawn service, so I woke […]

  • Taronga Zoo

    Taronga Zoo

    My parents came and visited over the summer holiday. (God, that is so weird to say. “Summer holiday” and “Christmas” do not go together). One of the places that we went was Taronga Zoo. Unfortunately, we chose one of the hotter (and more humid) days to head over to the zoo. We took the fifteen […]

  • Bills, Darlinghurst

    Bills, Darlinghurst

    The TL;DR: Bills433 Liverpool St, Darlinghurst NSW 2010, Australia+61 2 9360 9631 Closest Metro: Kings Cross Cost: ~$25 for pot of tea and main for brunch Go Again?: Definitely. [Note: This location is now closed, the closest Bills is in Surry Hills at 355 Crown Street] So I’ve become quasi-obsessed lately with brunch. A. It has […]