Bills, Darlinghurst

The TL;DR:

433 Liverpool St, Darlinghurst NSW 2010, Australia
+61 2 9360 9631

Closest Metro: Kings Cross

Cost: ~$25 for pot of tea and main for brunch

Go Again?: Definitely.

[Note: This location is now closed, the closest Bills is in Surry Hills at 355 Crown Street]


So I’ve become quasi-obsessed lately with brunch.

A. It has all of my favorite foods that I’m often too lazy to make myself (pancakes, french toast, hash browns)

B.  Food. Need I say more?

It’s also had the secondary effect of letting me explore (by food) the various neighborhoods in Sydney. So far I’ve really only been to brunch places in Surry Hills and Darlinghurst…I think? But I plan on expanding my horizons quickly.

Bills is so called not because it costs a bunch of bills, but because of a chef named Bill who founded it who is apparently quite well known in Sydney slash Australia.

My friend and I went to the Bills in Darlinghurst (there is also one in Surry Hills) and I ordered the ricotta hotcakes (i.e. pancakes) with fruit? Something other than hotcakes.

I was so excited for them that I didn’t even manage to snap a picture, I was just like GIVE ME FOODZ and it all went in my stomach before I had the decency to realize I forgot to bring out my phone in a typical hipster/tourist/blogger way and take a picture of the food I was about to devour. That in and of itself should tell you that this was quite a good meal – or I was just particularly hungry, which could also be the case, as I met my friend at noon and we had to wait for a table and I didn’t eat breakfast in preparation and I walked ten minutes from the closest metro station to get there. (hashtag firstworldproblems, I know).

I also waited awkwardly outside in a quasi queue for a five minutes before my friend arrived because I went barging into the restaurant initally to see if she was in there and I didn’t want to go back in and bother someone again to ask if there was a list to put my name on or I just waited outside and it was an honor system (hey, you never know). So it ended up that after she came we ended up waiting a few more minutes (and a few additional people) until the guy came out to call the next party and we were able to add our names to the list.

But enough of me whinging, the food was good!

I may not have gotten a photo of my food, but I got this picture of the communal table!

Aside from the food, the actual place is nice – has an open, airy feel with white walls, lots of windows, and communal tables. (Are communal tables a thing in the US and I just missed it because I never really did the wonder of brunch other than my favorite tea house? Or is that a European/Aussie/non-US thing that’s going on?) The servers I get also seem to, by a decent majority have at least one of these characteristics:

  • neon colored hair
  • tattoo sleeve(s)
  • piercings somewhere other than their ears.

By no means am I judging anyone other than myself here…as it is a sign I am (dun dun dun) becoming an urban hipster. Who has fallen in love with brunch. Hard.

I just wish they had real Vermont maple syrup.

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