Treehouse, North Sydney

This place is not that far from me and I’ve never actually been for anything other than the occasional tea with co-workers. So I went for lunch last week to meet up with my friend before she and her partner move out of Australia. It gave me major sadface, but I was excited to actually try the food at the Treehouse, and I’d definitely recommend it for a nice lunchtime meal. Balance between food and friends? My priorities aren’t skewed, I swear. Good food and good friends are totally equal. Especially if there’s chocolate involved somehow. Or Mexican food.

We arrived at peak lunchtime, 12:30, so rather than sitting outside on the balcony we sat at the bar – which was still a great environment with a decent menu.

I got the steak sandwich. Which was massive. And quite yum, with a tomato chutney.


But before we ate,  I was quite the good samaritan. The barback that rang up the order – which I paid, of course, because my friend was leaving and I wasn’t going to make her pay for food – forgot a zero, so he rang up a total less than $10 for 2 drinks and 2 mains…which was quite obviously incorrect. He didn’t notice, and I actually pointed it out to him. I turned down a really, really, really cheap meal.

The food was quite good, though. Both my friend and I rated our mains 8 out of 10.

I’ve got posts waiting on Terrigal, Vivid and more. I need to sit down, write and queue it all up.

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