• Tasmania and Hobart

    My partner and I had been wanting to go to Tasmania for a long time – and had been sideways joking-not-joking about starting a commune in the wilderness…all without having actually been there. Needless to say, once we got back, we seriously started saving for the much more real idea. The impetus for us going […]

  • Melboune

    I found Melbourne irascibly quiet. I’m still not sure what I think of the city. At once, I feel it’s too quiet for me to live, yet neighbourhoodly enough I’d enjoy it for a year or 2. Apparently it’s known for it’s coffee. So I had coffee – probably the first real coffee I’ve had in […]

  • Twelve Apostles

    I am sooo glad we weren’t able to book the 7am trip for the 12 Apostles on New Year’s Day. Because New Year’s Day. In fact, the tour group we booked with didn’t even offer the 7am tour on New Year’s Day. Sensible, Australians are. And Yoda I am. From Melbourne (pronounced MEL – bin) […]