• Angkor Thom & Angkor Wat

    Angkor Thom & Angkor Wat

    My parents and I traveled from Vietnam to Cambodia. We were only in the country for a few days; and what I remember most is Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom, which we did on a day trip. I’m an art history buff and have always been fascinated by other religions, so these 2 sites sated both interests. […]

  • Vietnam: Strange History and Natural Beauty

    Vietnam: Strange History and Natural Beauty

    I am a member of a generation in the United States that does not, luckily, immediately associate Vietnam with war. My parents are a different story. I remember hearing from my mother about her classmates and their receipt of their draft letters – how so many often remarked, ‘if only my mother had me a […]

  • Shanghai, China

    I have (knock on wood) very few bad experiences while traveling. My things haven’t been stolen, and I haven’t somehow managed, in the end, to get where I wanted or needed to be. Delays, cancellations, a few salty characters along the way, sure, but nothing that made me, as an adult woman, come to tears. […]

  • An Introduction to India

    An Introduction to India

    I have been learning about India for years, mostly through various world religion classes I took in my school years, from Mr. Freedholm’s class my junior year of high school or the world religions course I took at Skidmore. It’s always been one of those places that has called to me to experience. Though raised […]

  • Hampi, India

    Hampi, India

    We took the train to Hampi, which was in itself an experience. All the seats were actually sleeping bunks, as it was an overnight train. This is only train ride in my experience traveling I’ve seen people climb as agilely across bunks as a monkey might. It was incredible to witness the convolutions the lanky […]

  • Hong Kong

    Rain makes me think of one of my more recent travels – Hong Kong. It was a misty few days when I was there. I honestly can’t say that much favourable about Hong Kong. Nothing really stood out much for me at Hong Kong. It was a city. I shopped. Wandered around. Ate some food. […]