Ignite The Fire: Incendiary by Karen Chance

While this is relatively well-written book by Karen Chance, it’s obvious this is a filler / two part book. It’s one of those ones where a lot of things seem to happen, but not a lot actually happens. 

We meet Zeus. Priktin, Mircea and Cassie have a threesome in order to weaken the god. Or a foursome if you count Priktin’s demon. Zeus and Aeslinn team up and want to devour demigods, but as yet we don’t know why as an audience. Chance indicates Cassie has a glimmer, an inkling as to why in terms of being able to have power over time by targeting Cassie specifically, but the reason hasn’t been explicitly spelled out. 

We also meet Arsen, who is a general of Aeslinn and likely has something to do with the disappearance of Elena, Mirca’s wife. Maybe his mother is Elena, or their daughter. 

While in many paranormal books you build to a threesome of some degree with ex-lover and new lover, I’m a little disappointed. It’s a very standard trope to fall into, and honestly I’m a little disappointed at the whole concept of the “Lover’s Knot” – there are ways to build triumvirates of power without sex. But of course, I appreciate it to a certain level as well because I imagine more and more of the audience of this series has come to appreciate the purple prose as the series has gone on. 

Overall a good book, but definitely a linkage book. Not one that could stand on it’s own or be read outside the context of the overall series. It’s an incomplete book – Chance herself says she had to split it in two because it got so long, but what that means is that it can’t really stand on it’s own, in any way, shape or form.

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