Final Heir by Faith Hunter

This review will have spoilers throughout, so read at your own risk. 

I was trying to describe how I felt about coming back to this series after a long absence to my partner. And the way that I did was this: imagine if all of the court politics in a series like Game of Thrones was almost pure exposition — that is, descriptive paragraphs or internal monologues from the main character. 

Looking back and analyzing my own thoughts about this book, I didn’t like it. Nor did I even really enjoy it. I was reading it to see where the series ended, and how. I was disappointed. The magics in this got so large, so world-bending, so beyond, that it got beyond the point of the suspension of disbelief for me. Honestly, this series got to that point awhile ago, I think, but in this final book where all the threads were getting wrapped up, it became particularly obvious. 

For me, there’s not too much else to say. I enjoyed the first books of this series, and then kept reading because it was there and I wanted to see where some of the characters ended up. This book, though, I think had too much plot armour and too much of a Mary-Sue perfect solves all problems vibe that just….nope. Didn’t do it for me.

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