My experience is wide and varied, from SEO consulting and social media to public relations, creating syllabi, guest blogging and writing press releases. Throughout these projects I have been interested in the challenge of communication and how to engage with an audience effectively and succinctly, through various means.

Ongoing projects for current clients will not be included in my portfolio until they are completed, and SEO clients I cannot disclose because of various NDAs.


Search engine optimization is no easy task. I have had exposure to PPC campaigns and am familiar with initial SEO practices and analytics tools, including:

  • Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools
  • Google AdWords
  • Omniture
  • Google Places
  • backlink tools (Ahrefs, Majestic, Raven, Moz / Open Site Explorer)
  • code analysis (HTML, CSS, JavaScript / jquery)
  • media optimization
  • keyword tracking and analysis
  • authority building
  • influencer marketing

While I know how to use all these tools, I am more of the school today that SEO’s should work with the brand to help it grow and build relationships, not just links. I am an SEO consultant, an expert to turn to, and not someone that will build links to meet a quota at the end of the month.

I have had experience working directly with much of this process and have used all of the aforementioned SEO tools for clients, ranging from small businesses to larger clients in the industries of:

  • hospitality. hotel
  • non-profit
  • tourism
  • recreation
  • wedding
  • veterinary
  • Internet providers
  • yachting
  • parts and services
  • retail. speciality retail
  • e-commerce
  • retirement. super funds
  • internet marketing
  • gardening
  • language learning
  • banking
  • insurance


I am Google Analytics certified and have diagnosed more than a dozen unique Google Analytics implementations to determine the problem and propose a solution or set up from scratch. This includes:

  • closed loop tracking
  • eCommerce setup
  • Google Tag Manager migration
  • content groupings
  • custom dimensions
  • custom segments
  • event tracking
  • cross-domain tracking
  • diagnostic consulting


While it can be categorized with social media, I consider blogging it’s own entity. The platform is much more condusive to branding and long term relationships and conversations, whereas many times, Facebook and Twitter are about creative and unique use of the platform and allowable characters in order to catch the users attention in the news feed or twitter stream. Blogging allows for the ability to lay out a full argument – though there is an art to twittering a just as persuasive argument, I don’t deny.

I also have extensive experience blogging for many of the same industries that I have done SEO for.


Social media is an ever-changing, time consuming beast. Who would think that there are people dedicated solely to monitoring and managing the reputation of a company on various social media platforms? Irregardless, I have had experience in just that – monitoring and managing the reputation of multiple brands over various social media channels.


And last but not least, let’s not forget about print. While I have been a writer for many, many years, I have also had exposure to industry standards in various industries when it comes to print media, from public relations to publishing.


Last but not least, below is a sample of work published under my name:


…A Small World in Stockholm, Sweden” The Vacation Gals
International Travel” Lost Girls World
My Journey To Mongolia – A Travel Report” Wicked Good Travel Tips
Things You Should Know About India Before You Go” Runaway Jane


How to Rid Your Website of 6 Common Google Analytics Headaches” Moz
The New SEO Glossary” Outspoken Media
3 Event Tracking Actions You Should Be Using” Outspoken Media
(Link)Build a Relationship in 15 Minutes a Day” Outspoken Media